The Ultimate 365 Licensing Optimization Program

6 Phases to Your MS 365 Licensing Program

1. Exclusive Discount

Elevate Your Savings with Our MS 365 Licensing Offer

Unlock an exclusive 10% discount on your 365 Licensing Program when you purchase 10 or more licenses. This special offer is designed to provide even greater value to teams looking to optimize their Microsoft 365 experience. Enhance your business efficiency while enjoying significant savings.

2. Comprehensive Licensing Review in 30 Minutes

Optimize Your Spend with Our Expert Review

Understand and Optimize

This focused session is your gateway to understanding and optimizing your current licensing expenditures.

Expert Analysis

Our experts will analyze your existing spend, ensuring your licenses align perfectly with the specific job roles in your organization.


This strategic alignment not only enhances operational efficiency but also paves the way for cost-effective licensing solutions tailored to your business needs.

3. Additional Savings Post-Program

Maximize Your Investment with Additional Savings

Dive into our comprehensive 365 Licensing Optimization Program and emerge with opportunities to save an additional 10% or more on your licenses.

This program is not just about aligning your licenses with your business goals; it's also about continually finding ways to reduce costs and enhance value for your organization.

4. A Self- Driven Licensing Assessment and Needs Analysis for Internal Reporting

Unlock your business's potential with a precision-focused assessment that ensures your 365 licensing is a perfect fit for your needs.

Current Licensing Evaluation

Identify existing inefficiencies in your licensing setup to avoid unnecessary costs.

Needs Identification

Tailor your 365 licensing plan according to your business operations and future growth prospects.

Actionable Scoring

Receive practical feedback to amend your licensing structure for better alignment with your business goals.

5. Your In-Depth Licensing Guide

Navigate the complexities of 365 licensing with ease, and turn every page of our guide into cost-saving opportunities for your business.

Holistic Licensing Insights

 Dive deep into the nuances of 365 licensing with a 17-page comprehensive guide.

Modern Work Alignment

Understand how modern work practices align with different licensing levels to choose the perfect fit.

Optimization Strategies

Learn how to optimize your licensing setup to get the most value for your investment.

6. Feature Matrix Deep Dive

When you're ready to dive into all the details, access a robust feature matrix to compare and contrast the capabilities across different license levels, helping you make informed decisions to drive your business forward.


Six Game-Changing
Advantages to
the  365 Licensing Program

Cost Efficiency

A discount up front, plus eliminate over-licensing and under-licensing, ensuring you only pay for what you need in the long term.

Strategic Alignment

Align your 365 licensing with your business operations and strategies for seamless integration and enhanced productivity.

Comprehensive Understanding

Gain a thorough understanding of the various licensing options and which ones are most suited to your business needs.

Feature Maximization

Understand and utilize the full range of features available to you based on your licensing level for optimum operational efficacy.

Budgetary Control

Maintain a tighter control over your budget and predict your licensing costs accurately.


Stay ahead of the curve by planning and budgeting for your licensing needs as your business grows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Program for?

This program is designed for any organization that utilizes Microsoft 365, from small businesses to large enterprises. It's ideal for companies looking to maximize their investment, ensure compliance, streamline operations, and equip their team with the right tools at the best value. Whether you're just starting with 365 or aiming to refine your existing licenses, this program provides the insights and tools necessary for optimal licensing management.

What exactly does the 365 Licensing Optimization Program include?

The program provides a comprehensive set of opportunities including a 10% discount, 30 min personalized assessment of your current licenses, a detailed 17-page Licensing Guide, and access to extensive Feature Matrix for a deep dive into available features.

How will the 30 min Licensing Review benefit my business?

Our Licensing Review evaluates your current setup to ensure you're not overspending or underserved by your current licenses, providing you with a tailor-made strategy to align your licensing with your business needs.

Can the Licensing Guide help me if I'm new to 365 Licensing?

Absolutely! The guide is designed to walk you through every aspect of 365 licensing, whether you're a beginner or looking to optimize existing knowledge, ensuring you make informed decisions that benefit your business. It is like the take home version of other one to one aspects of the program.

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